What Is The Best Blast Hood? Nova 3 Blast Hood Review

Best blast hood, Nova 3 -

What Is The Best Blast Hood? Nova 3 Blast Hood Review

Is the Nova 3 the best blast helmet or hood?

I have been using abrasive blast helmets for the last 10 Years working in the oil industry. Abrasive blasting is not always an easy task in my type of field. Most of the time we are blasting in a narrow trench that is at least 8 feet deep and six feet wide with a crude line right down the middle. when blasting the trench is covered to prevent high volumes of dust so you can imagine visibility is tough. the average time we spend abrasive blasting in the trench is about 1 hour so comfort in the blast hood is a big deal. I have tried other blast hoods but these are the reasons I like the Nova 3 blast helmet the best.

4 Reasons why I like the Nova 3 blast hood the best.

1 Comfort

real nice comfort inside the hood due to the padding that is used. the padding is also easy to remove for washing after many sweaty uses.

2 The noise level

The nova 3 definitely keeps the noise down which is very important if you will be blasting for long periods of time. Your ears will appreciate this.

3 The cooling system

The cooling system works great, also very important especially in hot days it will make you the coolest guy on the job site literally.

4 View

The huge view, compared to other blast hoods for sale the the Nova 3 has the biggest view. this was the deal breaker for me especially when working in tight areas being able to see as much as possible hands down wins all the time. having the big view makes it easier to see if you have missed any areas.

In the end you will choose which hood to use but i recommend the Nova 3.

Is the Nova 3 blast hood approved by NIOSH?

According to RPB the maker of the the nova 3 it is approved.Click here.

You can see it below.