Double Trumpet Train Horn

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If you really want a loud train horn then go double.

The double train horn will provide double the power for almost any vehicle.

Do you want the best train horn? 
Look no further. 

This chrome look, double trumpet, will produce a strong power driven sound. The trumpets are made of metal to ensure better sound quality, maximum strength and durability. The system includes two maintenance free heavy duty 12 volt air compressors, hose, relay and mounting hardware. The perfect compact solution to enjoy a loud horn sound on all vehicles with a 12V system.

  • Dual Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit (Chrome Color)
  • Metal Construction
  • Dual 12V Heavy Duty Air Compressor
  • Can be mounted on roof, or under the hood
  • Horn Size: 14-½", 12-½", and 3-¼ diameter each
  • Included in this kit:
    • Dual Trumpet Air Horn
    • Dual 12V Heavy Duty Air Compressor
    • 4-PIN 12V/30A Relay
    • Bracket's Rubber Gasket
    • 3/8" OD Air Hose
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Installation Instructions